BJ Whitehead (Elite Powerlifter)

Since I’ve been with Tony Montgomery Jr. and Team Phoenix Performance, not only has my body changed but my performance on the platform has as well. In the past I would struggle with weight gains. Since being with Tony, I have put on nothing but solid mass and my powerlifting total has went up. The consistency and attention to detail in Tony’s approach is amazing. Meal plans are continually being altered to meet my needs. Team Phoenix Performance has played a very large role in my success as a powerlifter.

Michelle (Elite Powerlifter)

I met Kaylie when I was a member at Strength Union in Portland, Oregon. She became my nutrition and training coach in April ’18,  and I absolutely love working with her!  What I love the most is her clear commitment to professionalism, how approachable she is, and how athlete-centered she is.  I really appreciate how comfortable I feel working with Kaylie and her willingness to teach and explain anything around nutrition and training I have questions about.  In addition, I have learned so much about my own performance while working with her and meeting my goals!  If you want an awesome coach and coaching experience,  I would high recommend Kaylie to help get you there!

Laurie Smith (Elite Powerlifter)

I approached Tony Montgomery at Team Phoenix Performance because I wanted to lose weight for a Powerlifting meet. What I liked about Tony is that he had me checking in twice a week and adjusted my macros accordingly.  It wasn’t just a cookie cutter template. As a result I lost the 10 pesky pounds I wanted to and I learned a new way of healthy eating. I would highly recommend Team Phoenix Performance to anyone who needs to get that help in losing or even gaining weight. We all know nutrition plays a big part if we want to become better athletes.

Sarah Kolbuc (Elite Powerlifter)

I sought out Tony’s help with my nutrition after deciding my diet was the missing piece in reaching my athletic goals. I am currently a nationally ranked Powerlifter in Canada and believe that Tony’s nutritional guidance has played a major role in my competitive edge on the platform.

Tony was able to provide me with a plan grounded in scientific principles. He was considerate of my training volumes, lifestyle and food preferences. He was able to provide me with unlimited consultation and made frequent modifications to align with my needs.  With Tony’s help, I found my energy levels during training greatly improved. I also saw drastic changes in my lean body mass while hitting personal bests in competition.

Tony truly cares about the ongoing success of his clients.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in using nutrition to enhance their athletic performance.