QUICK & EASY | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snacks

So I asked what kind of recipes you guys wanted. And these were some of the things you asked for.

Pretty much everyone wanted quick, easy, and on-the-go kind of meals. So I will do my very best to provide you guys with ideas for just that!

I personally just bring my tupperware everywhere I go. Movie theaters, family functions, work, etc. But not everyone wants to do that. And I totally understand. 🙂



1. Smoothie

Making a smoothie is always fast and easy. Just be mindfull of what all you are putting in it. The calories can add up quick. Which might be what you want, but if you are trying to lose weight… IT IS NOT! If you can have carbs.. Then frozen berries will be awesome. Protein powder for the protein (obviously). And if you can have fats then you can do a nut butter. If you want to get in some “hidden” veggies, then you can add in a greens powder or a handful of spinach. Blend it all with some water or a milk of your choice if you have calories to spare.

2. Hard Boiled Eggs

These might be stinky, but they are amazing!!! Sprinkle some salt and pepper on those bad boys.. & YUMMYYY!  You’ve got a good source of protein and fat.

3. Oatmeal

This may not seem like it would an easy, on the go thing… But I think it is. I find oatmeal very easy to cook. Just get the quick oats, add some cinnamon, stevia, and water… And BAM! You’ve got a yummy carb source that tastes delicious and will keep you full for a good bit. I also like to add some protein powder to it. I will cook the oatmeal first. Then I will mix the protein with just a little bit of water to make it like a syrup. Then pour the protein in and mix! Now you have carbs & protein! And because oatmeal is thicker… It is easy to eat while on the go! JUST MAKE SURE YOU DRIVE SAFE if you are eating at the same time!


1. Sandwich or Wrap

Find a good quality bread that is low in fat. Then go to the deli and get a good sandwich meat, also low in fat and carbs. Make sure the meat is actually meat/protein. You can also put some sharp cheddar cheese on your sandwich/wrap for your fat source. And some lettuce or leafy green for the veggie.


2. Rice, Chicken, Veggies

I know this doesn’t sound quick or easy… But it can be. There are microwaveable things of rice and veggies. Super quick and easy. And you can get the rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. And there you go. You will have a few meals from those things. You will just have to divide it into multiple meals.

3. Salad

Salads are super easy! & can be quite delicious! You can make a big on in a bowl or a little one in a cup or mason jar. All you need is a leafy green, some protein (chicken, turkey, fish, etc).. You can do a fat like shredded cheese or avocado. You can add carbs like fruit. There are tons of calorie friendly dressings. And I honestly really like salsa on my salads. Get creative with it. Salads don’t have to be sad and boring.


1. Crock Pot Meals

The Crock Pot is an amazing thing to have!!! You can cook anything in there! This is actually how I make my chicken. I put two packs of chicken breasts in there with water. Cook on low for 8-9 hours (I cook it while I sleep). SUPER EASY!

But you can make full meals in there if you want. And you can have the meal cooking while you are at work!

Here’s a healthy Lasagna Crock Pot Recipe for you guys!

2. Omelette

I know this sounds like a breakfast food (which it is LOL). But I am one to enjoy breakfast any time of day! The reason I put it as a dinner is because making an omelette can be a little more time consuming.. So if you are in a rush in the morning.. Then that wouldn’t work for you. But if you are home from work.. Then you have some time. Omelettle or Scrambled Eggs can be super fun and tasty! You’ve got your eggs, throw some veggies in there. Some sharp cheese. Some seasonings. And let that sucker cook! I don’t even fold my eggs over… I just let it be like an egg pancake. I just cook it with a lid over it so it cooks all the way through. And if you get carbs with that then you can have some toast or hashbrowns with it. I get the frozen hashbrown. Sometimes I will even have the bottom of my egg pancake be the hashbrowns!!!


1. Beef Jerky

Super easy source of protein! Just make sure you get a good brand! One of my favorites is THIS!

2. Greek Yogurt

Such a great snack! As long as you digest dairy well!!! You can also add in protein powder and nut butter if you want protein and fat. You can also top it with granola for some carbs. There are so many different brands out there. Find the one that fits your macros, and the one you enjoy! 

3. Protein Bars

I personally LOVE protein bars! They are like candy to me. My favorite are Quest and Combat! These two are the most macro friendly and are well balanced!!! When you get a protein bar… MAKE SURE IT HAS PROTEIN IN IT!!! So many of them are higher in carbs and fats! I like to get a bar that has about 20g of protein!!!


Well… There you guys go! I hope these ideas help! 

Let me know what other kind of recipes you would like to see 🙂

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