Meet Prep


You will get a custom training program.

Your base plan will be determined on when your meet is and what you need to work on.

Then we will send you your training biweekly.

We program with RPE’s (an RPE explanation will be provided).

You will have 1-2 weekly check-ins with your coach (via email). During meet prep it is very important to send videos of your main movements (squat, bench, deadlift, strongman events).

This allows your coach to see what your form and technique looks like, so we can give critiques if necessary. This also allows your coach to give you specific exercises to strengthen any weaknesses.

We will also help you pick your attempts and provide warm ups.

Communicate during the week enables you and your coach to be on the same page, your questions get answered, and it helps a ton with accountability. A check-in requirement sheet will be provided.

*Follow the TRAINING check-in reqs.

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