Contest Prep


You will get a custom macro plan.

We will first see what your current macros or calorie intake is, and build your base plan off that.

Your plan will be a MACRO meal layout (a macro explanation will be provided). We will also provide you with a food list with some measurements.

You will also get a cardio protocol/recommendation.

With contest prep, you will also be given supplement recommendations.

You will have 1-2 weekly check-ins with your coach (via email).

These check-ins allow you and your coach to communicate during the week making sure you are on the same page, your questions get answered, and help a ton with accountability.

A check-in requirement sheet will be provided.

*There will be times during prep that you will have more frequent check-ins. For instance, peak week, you will be communicating with your coach daily, and even before each meal on some days.

*Contest prep is a lot more meticulous, COMMUNICATION IS SO IMPORTANT!!!

*Follow the NUTRITION check-in reqs.

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