Macros & Food Sources

I’ve had quite a few people ask me about what I eat..?
How do I hit my macros for the day?
Do I use My Fitness Pal?
How exactly do I count everything? ETC…
Shredded chicken that I cook in my crockpot
Extra lean ground turkey
Lean ground beef or flank or top round steak (I try to have one meal with red meat a day, except my high carb day)
Eggs/egg whites
Protein powder (whey and casein)
Fish… Rarely though… Tony hates the smell of it.
Ummm… I think that is it.
Ezekiel bread
Low-calorie bread
White rice
Cous cous
Rice cakes
English muffins
Fruit (rarely)
Cream of wheat
Low carb tortillas
I don’t get to eat a ton of carbs. So I mostly eat rice cakes, low-calorie bread, and low carb tortillas. Carb sources that are 10g and under are my friends! LOL.
Sharp cheddar cheese
Nut butter
Omega 3 egg (the yolk is 5g of fat, the white is 5g of protein)
Fish oil
Avocado is my favorite when calories are low because I can eat a lot of it!
Well… I just hit them. My coach gives me my macros and I follow them.
Okay… I take that back. Right after my shows last year I had a really hard time sticking to my diet.

If you look back at some of my IMPROVEMENT SEASON blogs, then you may read how I woke up in the middle of the night and ate food. It was pretty bad. But for some reason, something just clicks when I start my contest prep for shows.

It doesn’t matter how hungry I am when I’m in prep… I WILL NOT GO OFF PLAN!
I think a huge part of my discipline and willpower is the fact that I have such a big goal.
When I am in contest prep I want to bring my absolute best to the stage. And I cannot bring my best if I go off plan. Where in my off-season… It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Off-season is like prep for prep)
Plus, after dieting for so long, and so strict… All you want to do is eat. Your hormones also want you to eat.
But even with me going on plan a little bit… I still stick to my macros at least 95% of the time YEAR-ROUND!
You just have to think about what your goal is. Why did you start the diet, o begin with?
How do you feel when you go off plan? How do you feel when you stick to the plan 100%
I know I feel amazing when I follow everything to the T! Those feelings carry over to my entire day. I’m in a good mood (except for the rare hangry moments). My training is normally amazing. And I look better when I hit my macros! All that makes dieting worth it! Plus… I know when I am hitting my macros I know I am eating healthy, which makes my body happy too.
DO I USE MY FITNESS PAL? (or other tracking apps)
I have used MFP. Really only when I was doing a “diet break.” That didn’t last long. I do a lot better when I am on a set plan. I’m not too good at intuitive eating. I like food too much. LOL.
I just print out the macro breakdown my coach gives me. Along with different meals with the food scale weight and how many grams is in the food. This makes for quick and easy meal prep. Email me at if you would like to see an example of what I do.
However, I do use MFP for clients that are just getting started. I will have clients track three days of their eating that way I can get an average calorie intake. And I will write out their starting plan based on that.
I will also have clients who are new to macros use MFP. And clients who are just trying to be more mindful of what they are consuming.
Long story long, I do not use MFP for myself.
I do not count the trace calories. For instance, oatmeal also has fats and protein. I only count the carbs in it.
There are a few foods that I do count for more than one macro…
Eggs = 5g protein & 5g fat
Quinoa is a carb and protein

Greek yogurt is also a carb and protein
A good rule of thumb is… If there is more than 3-4g of a macro, then you should probably count it.
Oh!!! Let’s talk veggies!!!! I do not count certain veggies (unless I am super close to a show).
“Free” Veggies:
Don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any other questions. 🙂

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