Healthy Cheat Meal

If you haven’t already… I would recommend you check out my article on refeeds & cheat meals

This will tell you what exactly they are, and why one would do one…. 

OKAY!!! Now that you have read up on refeeds & cheat meals…

Now I’m going to share with you my healthy cheat meal from this past weekend.

First, I should mention that I followed high carb day (aka. refeed) macros for the day. Then I replaced my last meal with a “healthy” cheat meal. I put healthy in quotations because some might look at what I ate and say it isn’t healthy. But it was made of all good ingredients. It was just high in carbs… But that is what I wanted for that meal. High carbs, low fats… & just a little protein.

I say just a little protein because carbs are protein sparing. Meaning you don’t need as much protein when you are taking in a large amount of carbs. 

I guess I should share with you all my meals…


-Egg whites


-Eziekel toast

-Matcha tea


-Protein powder (made into pudding, just the powder with a little water)

-Mini bagel

-Rice cakes

MEAL 2.5: (intra-workout)

-Protein powder

Powdered carbs (use KAYLIE5 for discount)



-Eziekel toast

-Rice cakes

-Cauliflower rice

I was supposed to eat another meal… But I ran out of time. I didn’t want to be eating my cheat meal too late.. Plus Tony and I wanted to watch a movie while we ate… Which also couldn’t be too late (because we are old LOL). 


This meal was untracked, meaning I didn’t weigh or measure. I didn’t count macros or calories.

I just ate foods I would eat normally.. And ate until I was full.

-2 Quest bars (pre-meal snack, LOL, I was hungry!)

-Arctic Zero for dessert

WAFFLES was my actual meal!!!

-Krusteaz pancake mix (I found the kind with little to no fat, and I just made it with the batter and some unsweetened almond milk, no eggs or oil, mix and cook in the waffle maker like normal)

-Sinister Labs banana pancake mix (I also made a waffle with this batter, it was my fave of the night, again just mixed with water)

-PB2 (I topped my waffles with this because I wanted peanut butter, but I needed to keep the fats low)

-Honey (I also topped my waffles with this, great carb source when you can have a lot of carbs)

-Bananas (more yummy carbs!!!!)

And boom bammm! Like that!!!

Super easy and basic! AND DELICIOUS!!!!

Just warning you… This is a very high carb meal!!!

Which is why it was a cheat meal!!! I wouldn’t recommend eating this on a normal dieting day.

But if you have a cheat meal or a refeed.. THEN HAVE AT IT 🙂

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