Episode 102 Matt Domney

In Episode 102 I talk to strength coach Matt Domney a powerlifter and coach for Compound Performance. We dive into his background a bit before getting into a great discussion on the importance of continuing education, how important the words we use when talking to athletes, how breathwork can be valuable but how it is possibly overblown. It was great getting to talk to a coach who is continuing to learn and in ways that challenge his biases.

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00:00 Intro
02:17 Who is Matt Domney?
10:37 Imposter syndrome from being known for rehab and being Injured?
14:50 What to look for in continuing education
17:49 Have you always been an open-minded critical thinker?
20:24 Are PRI, breath mechanics, foot mechanics, and biomechanics the future of being a coach?
23:41 Focusing on breathing mechanics to become a better lifter
28:42 Diagnosis vs. Assessment – Analyzing a lifter’s leverages
35:53 Warmup Process
40:11 Accessories as “Corrective Exercises”
42:18 Autonomy of a Lifter
49:06 Coach’s Responsibility – Where do you draw the line?
51:15 ‘Prescriptions’ for helping clients in fields outside of your scope
55:02 Coach’s fear of admitting what they don’t know
57:11 Matt Domney Coaching/Business

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