Episode 101 Laurin Conlin

In Episode 101 I talk to Laurin Conlin, IFBB Bikini Pro, and owner of Team LoCoFit. We talk about all things leadership and how to grow your business based on these principles. Laurin goes into great detail about her principles of leadership and she effectively implements them to grow her team and get the most out of her coaches. Whether you own a business or not we discuss why everyone needs to have leadership principles.

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0:00 Intro
07:38 Being A Leader
20:57 Being a Follower to Become a Good Leader
31:50 Finding the Right Team Members
41:51 Managing Mentor/Mentee Perspectives
45:56 Quality vs. Quantity of Coaches
50:10 Follow Up Surveys
53:54 Disagreeing with your Coaches
1:00:30 Prepping Coaches to Move on
1:06:09 Leading Oneself
1:09:09 Team LoCoFit

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