Diet Friendly Meals

Trying to lose a couple pounds?

Eat healthier?

Fit into your favorite pair of “skinny” jeans?

Make a weight class?

Getting ready for a bodybuilding show?

Whatever your goal may be… I don’t think that “dieting” should be a miserable experience.

Sure there are good and not so good days when it comes to “dieting.” But it isn’t the end of the world.

You can still eat yummy food. You can stil LIVE your life.

And I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite meals that I eat on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that I am a bodybuilder (figure competitior)… So I eat very clean foods. Which if you are reading this… Then you should probably be eating similar food too!

The better you eat… The better you perform… The better you look… & the better you feel!!!



-Spinach/Kale (free foods .. 1-2 handfuls)

-Egg Whites (depends on how much protein you need)

-1 Omega-3 Egg (this counts as a fat and protein)

-Cauliflower Rice (free food, unless you are close to a bb show)

-Toast (depends on how many carbs you need/get)


If it is a refeed day I will have higher carb toast, and more than just one piece. I will also have some grits!



-Cream of Wheat (depending on how many carbs you can have)

-SF Chocolate Syrup (a serving is only 2 carbs.. I think)

-Whey Protein (depending on how much protein you need)

-Olive oil or Nut Butter (if you get fat pre-workout)

-Berries (if you get lots of carbs .. strawberries & blueberries are my fave with this meal)


This meal is amazing before your workout. Cream of Wheat digests so easy! No bloating or feeling heavy during your workout. But if you are close to a show or on really low calories this might not work for you.



-Lean meat of choice (chicken, turkey, fish, etc)

-Rice Cakes (these are amazing during a diet.. they are so low in carbs!)

-Toast (if you get more carbs)

-Veggies (if you are feeling really hungry.. the fiber from the veggies can help fill you up)

Similar to the pre-workout meal.. You want something that is easy to digest and can get into the system quickly. But obviously… If you are really low on calories/macros… Then you generally don’t want things to digest too quickly or else you will be starving! So veggies can help with that.


These “recipes” aren’t quite as fun as the baked goods ones.. But these are recipes that you can use on a daily. And these kind of meals are the kind you should be eating if you want to be a top level athlete. Or just a healthy person.

Obviously, everyone’s macros are going to be different… So some people will be eating more, or less. So adjust accordingly. You can also email me at if you have any questions or need any help 🙂

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