Coaches Corner Episode 66 w/ Sarah Strong

In episode 66 of Coaches Corner, we have on guest coach Sarah Strong, a powerlifter and coach out in California. It was great having her on the show and sharing her background and giving a different perspective on coaching. We tackle some great questions on meet expectations, training, and thoughts for women during their menstrual cycle, training asymmetries, and a lot more. It is a lot of fun having other coaches on the show, thank you Sarah for your time.

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
03:56 Who is Sarah Strong?
06:02 First meet expectations
09:59 Training during a woman’s cycle
20:31 Reverse grip bench press
24:48 What makes a great training partner
32:16 Training asymmetries
38:32 Protocols for attending client’s meets
46:43 Advising a client to find a handler
51:17 Handling a client that won’t listen without firing them
56:50 How to hook grip

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