Coaches Corner Episode 65

In Episode 65 of Coaches Corner, we take a look at the upcoming big meets and how a lifter should perceive things around 8 weeks out. We dive into some questions after that discussion. We talk about common health markers you should look for when getting blood work done, does caffeine affect training adaptations, should coaches coach themselves eventually, and how to ask better questions. Hope everyone is ready for an awesome year and growing in 2021.

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
07:04 Powerlifting in 2020
12:12 Mindset during a meet prep
23:46 General health markers to track
34:25 Does caffeine affect training adaptations?
41:36 At what point should a coach coach themselves?
49:06 Balancing ego and confidence as a coach
57:03 Thought process when asking questions

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