Coaches Corner Episode 63

In Episode 63 of Coaches Corner, we go over some tips to help with the holidays and staying on track from a mental and physical standpoint. We then dive into the questions. How to create effective systems to grow your business, ways to optimize a plant based diet for strength athletes, how to train true beginners for powerlifting, ways to overcome different idea’s with coaches on the same team, efficacy of conjugate training for raw lifters, does a big back equal a big total, benefits of minimal equipment for training stimulus, and regret from quitting.
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00:00 Intro11:23 Creating Effective Coaching Systems20:05 Plant Based Diets in Powerlifting  26:27 How To Train True Beginners – Skill Acquisition35:46 Disagreeing with a Head S&C Coach39:32 Is Conjugate Effective for Raw Lifting?43:07 Big Back Big Total?47:30 Beltless Sleeveless Training Carryover to Wrapped Squats 55:53 Have you ever quit and regretted it later?1:03:45 Outro

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