Coaches Corner Episode 62 w/ Paul Milano

In Epsiode 62 of Coaches Corner, we have on Paul Milano the founder of The Resilient Training Lab. We open the show talking about Paul’s mentorship program he has going on and it sounds amazing, please check it out. Then we answer some great questions we recieved from everyone, thanks for the awesome questions! We discuss combining different training methods, long-term progress, the use of decline bench in powerlifting and the thought process of exercise selection, eccentric deadlifts place in a program, being a leader vs a follower and the benefits of both.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
02:26 Resilient Training Lab Mentorship
14:21 Combining Different Training Methods
23:37 Long-Term Progress
30:41 Use of Decline Bench in Powerlifting
39:50 Eccentric Deadlifts
47:13 Being a Leader vs. a Follower in the Gym/Life
59:22 Resilient Training Lab Info

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