Coaches Corner Episode 61

In Episode 61 of Coaches Corner, Trevor and I discuss collaboration and what to look for in order to do it successfully in business and in life. A ton of great questions from everyone, thanks as always!! We dive into what makes a great training partner, being stong on a day outside of the meet day, ways to successfully self-coach, the idea of making sacrifices to achieve goals and to follow your passion, training around bad shoulders, and if you can eat the same food every day.

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00:00 Intro

1:49 Collaborating with the Right People

19:30 What Makes a Great Training Partner

27:56 Being Strongest on a Day other than Meet Day

33:48 Self-Coaching for Coaches

41:57 Sacrificing vs. Prioritizing for your Career

49:29 Training “Bad Shoulders”, The Importance of Accessories

58:13 Eating the Same Food Everyday

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