Beyond the Platform Episode 69 Mike Mastell

In Episode 69 we talk to Mike Mastell 105kg Pro Strongman, Strength Coach, and a Master’s degree in Molecular Biochemistry from Sacred Heart University. We catch up with Mike’s current training and transition into endurance racing, how to think about and structure training with a long term approach, the value of building up volume and work capacity and how to do in a smart methodical manner.

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  1. Lillian

    Mike Mastell is the best coach around! Intelligent, knowledgeable, and knows his métier well! He understands the way the body works like no other coach I have worked with over the years. His training gets you to a level you never dreamed of. His patience, encouragement, and in-depth knowledge of this field make him one of the best coached in the US. He is as passionate about Olympic level athletes as he is with ordinary people at his gym who just want to be stronger, better, and more importantly, train with skill and proper technique. Great interview. Congratulations Mike, you deserve the credit and exposure.

    1. Tony Montgomery

      We agree Mike is one of the brightest minds in the industry. We are happy we could have him on and allow people to hear him speak.

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