Beyond the Platform Episode 105 Austin Stout

In episode 105 I talk to prep coach and NPC competitor Austin Stout, this is the second time Austin has been on the podcast, and this time we take a deep dive into insulin resistance. The negatives of it from a health perspective and performance. We also go over some practical ways to reverse that and become more insulin sensitive.

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
06:19 Mindset during injury
11:57 Negative effects and development of insulin resistance
28:31 Mechanisms of insulin resistance
31:20 Fasting and insulin resistance
34:01 What macronutrient contributes most?
37:20 Pharmaceutical supplements
40:40 Insulin Rat Study
46:21 Pros and cons to Metformin
58:13 Reducing calories and increasing exercise
01:01:40 What does insulin resistance look like
1:08:53 Austin Stout Coaching/Business

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